Yin Yoga Spezial mit Valerie Hartwig

Kurs wird in Englisch abgehalten - Valerie Hartwig wird eine Einführung in Yin Yoga leiten.

"Yin Yoga is a mixture of meditation and asana (yoga poses) done mostly seated or laying down. It is a great complement to active physical practices, as it helps release the fascia, the joints and the nervous system."

In this special we will start with gentle movements and then focus on longer passive holds with relaxed muscles. In the stillness of the poses we can pay attention to the subtle signals our body sends, developing better interoception (awareness of our inner body), which is useful for injury prevention and performance.

We can also notice the way our mind works and make decisions on how to interact with it. This is why it is considered to be a more advanced practice, though yoga beginners are as welcome as those who have been practising for a while.

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